Therma Holdings

Jeff Sprau
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Hansen
Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Butz
Chief Financial Officer
Deb Cloutier
Chief Sustainability Officer
Phillip Le Bris
Chief Accounting Officer
Greg Barnes
Chief Human Resources Officer
Bryce Seki
General Counsel
Arif Quraishi
Chief Growth Officer
Justin Schwartz
Chief Development Officer
Mike Heuer
Chief Information Officer
Brooks Corcoran
Vice President, M&A and Strategy

Company Leadership

Mike Fisher
President, Therma
Jim Dinan
President, Bel-Aire Mechanical
James Benson
President, CMTA
Andy Faulkner
Ed Dahlgren
EVP, Gilbert
Brian Schutz
EVP, Gilbert
Jeremiah Christenson
President, Obernel
Deb Cloutier
President, RE Tech Advisors
James Gyuras
President, VarcoMac
Kevin Yearout
President, Yearout Mechanical