Special Projects Project Manager

Location: Odenton, MD

Ready to make your mark? VarcoMac is in search of a Project Manager who can leverage their unique talent and point of view to redefine what’s possible through the power of teamwork and collaboration.

As a Project Manager, this position will be primarily responsible for creating and leading successful projects. Successful performers in this position will have the ability to collaborate, communicate effectively, and lead.


Why VarcoMac?

  • Our Culture – We revel in the opportunity to work with such diverse people from so many fields of construction. Our culture is open, innovative, collaborative and fun – all reflected in recognition of VarcoMac as a ‘#1 Best Place to Work’ on multiple occasions.
  • Paying it Forward We have a long and deep tradition of volunteer leadership and financial support for the non-profit agencies that make our communities better places for all people. We contribute thousands of hours of volunteer service in our communities each year, and our company acts as a conduit to help people get connected to the service opportunities that mean the most to them..
  • Teaching and Learning – We embrace diversity in all its forms; we each have something that makes us unique and different, and that makes our collaboration richer. We create a culture of teaching and learning through cross-mentoring that spans generations, disciplines, interests and talents. We strive to give each person exposure to the widest array of experiences possible to help them grow further and faster than they could anywhere else.
  •  Mixing Business with Pleasure – Our profession is intense; we all know the pressure of a broken unit or project deadline. But it’s fun, too—when we’re working on projects that make a positive difference in people’s lives, and when we’re working with people who share our values, passions and humor, it can be exhilarating. We care passionately about our clients and each other, and we do our best to spark a spirit of excitement and discovery in everyone around us.


  • Assist with and/or execute all contractual responsibilities required by the project in which assigned.
  • Proactively plan the coordination, procurement, and purchasing processes throughout the project life-cycle under SPM supervision.
  • Actively manage the project goals and objectives to achieve maximum profitability.
  • Supervise and/or execute the management of the project documents throughout the life-cycle of the assigned project.
  • Develop take-offs, counts, or document other metrics required for estimates and pricing for project change orders under SPM supervision.
  • Maintain job records, RFI Logs, Submittal Logs, Drawing Logs, etc. to maintain a complete job record.
  • Track and manage pre-purchased equipment and materials to ensure timely delivery to project.
  • Evaluate contract schedules for man-power requirements, delays, opportunities, and any other events that may have an impact to the company.
  • Work with the coordination department to develop an efficient building model as required and under SPM supervision.
  • Management and approvals of invoices associated with the project.
  • Assist in the management of Vendors and Contractors associated with the project.
  • Supervise VarcoMac business activity from inception of sales to successful job completion.
  • Monitor and control budget projections and control costs under SPM supervision. Provide communications including: memos, contracts, change orders, strategies and the like to ensure best practices and legal protection.
  • Represent the company in a professional manner and maintain relationships with all clients, vendors, subcontractors, and others in the industry.
  • Attend all VarcoMac Project Management Sales and Construction meetings. Schedule and coordinate pre-construction job meetings with department heads and supervisors.
  • Manage and execute additional contract required duties outlined in the contracts assigned to VarcoMac.
  • Perform all regular and delegated duties and responsibilities of an assistant project manager.


  • 10+ years of experience in estimating, design and management of HVAC projects from $10,000 to $2.5M
  • Ability to operate independently and autonomously, and yet possess the discretionary judgment to know when it’s appropriate to consult with others in the organization
  • Experienced in successfully developing new business
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask.
  • Strong interpersonal and project management abilities, employing strong organizational skills to respond successfully to a high volume of issues.
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering preferred, but not required
  • Current licensed PE preferred, but not required


VarcoMac is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As such, all qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or sex.

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    Health and Welfare Benefits:

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Prescription drug
    • Employee assistance program

    Personal Benefits:

    • Paid vacation
    • Company-paid holidays
    • Sick leave
    • Bereavement leave
    • Jury duty

    Financial Benefits:

    • 401(k) retirement savings plan
    • Company-paid long-term disability insurance
    • AD&D insurance
    • Life insurance